Recent St. Joe’s Grad seeks Congressional Seat


Christian Mitchell, Class of 2004, Saint Joseph High School, is making a name for himself at a young age. A recent graduate of the University of Chicago, Christian hopes to increase his service to the community by becoming the Illinois State Representative of the 26th District. “After graduating from the University of Chicago, I started my career as a community organizer. I worked with single mothers like my own trying to provide a better life for their kids, students fed up with failing schools, families struggling with rising health care costs, and business owners trying to keep their doors open. It’s the courage of these everyday people that has inspired me to serve.” Teachers at St. Joe’s vividly remember him as a high-caliber student. “From the first time I met Christian, I knew he was destined to accomplish something beyond the ordinary,” commented Mrs. Angela Fredriksen, former St. Joseph faculty member and mentor of Christian. “He sincerely believes in making this a better world. I know he will succeed at whatever he does to accomplish this goal.” St. Joseph is proud of Christian’s accomplishments and we look forward to a life dedicated to the service of others.