A music man for all seasons

He was a young man of many instruments while in high school and he is now a man of many talents in the music business.

Doug Hammerschmitt, creator and owner of Dreamworld Productions and Design, located in Boston, knew before graduating from St. Joe’s in 1985 that he was destined to be a member of the music industry. “There is no such thing as a typical day when you’re in a business like mine,” Doug reflected. That business is running a “project studio,” a concept that lent itself to a man of Doug’s background. “I wanted to avail my experience to people who could use it. I sit down with clients, listen to their vision and then they let me contribute. And those contributions could mean any of a dozen things. Right now I am working with a classical composer on creating a modern variation of a score through my own suggestions. I also rehearse recording artists who are preparing for a performance or who simply wish to expand their repertoire. I might also be hired to do audio restoration, cleaning up older recordings. I write jingles, work on film scores or work on my own music. Every day is different!”

Doug did not jump into the studio business out of music school. He wrote and performed music on the piano for numerous bars and clubs before deciding to develop his own business. He built his studio piece by piece and opened it for recording in 1992. In 2000, he moved to a house and a much larger studio, complete with three isolation rooms and a grand piano.

Doug’s professional and private life intersected in a great way when he met his future wife in London in 1989. Emmanuelle, while originally from France, was studying at a business school while Doug was participating in an exchange program. Doug auditioned for a piano gig at a pub and Emmanuelle was visiting her friend bartending there. The rest is history. Doug and his wife formed a business team as Emmanuelle applied her talents in graphic arts to the development of the websites and clients’ CD and poster designs. “We complement one another very well,” Doug added. Doug and Emmanuelle will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this summer with their two sons.

St. Joseph High School is very proud of this Charger and we wish him well!