Not Letting the World Pass Him By: Joe Schnaufer-Class of ’84


Joe Schnaufer is now qualified to give tours of a number of cities outside the United States, considering he now spends half his time outside the country.  After graduating from DePaul University, Joe gained experience in networking in a variety of ways and accepted challenging roles that increased his scope of responsibility and required relocation.  Joe visited his alma this spring and spoke about his professional life.

“Being able to deliver the voice of customer feedback and interact with network operations to optimize wireless network technology ultimately positioned me to help Ameritech Cellular earn the JD Powers and Associates award for highest customer satisfaction for three consecutive years.  Accolades in delivering customer centric strategy in call center operations led me to have responsibility for managing the largest customer service operation for Ameritech in the Great Lakes region.  Mergers in the late 90’s led to the consolidation of several wireless companies and I found myself overseeing customer operations for Cingular Wireless for the Southeast region of the United States being based in Florida.  I was recruited to T-Mobile in Nashville as General Manager of Customer Operations and played a key role in moving the company’s reputation from “worst to first” in terms of customer satisfaction.

“As my experience in call center operations grew so did the number of calls I received from executive recruiters which prompted me to leave the telecom industry to work for a BPO (business process outsourcing) company in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  In this role as Director of Operations for the third largest site of 24 locations I was responsible for turning around a poor performing location which handled clients like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, Verizon, Citibank, and I was soon asked to develop similar success stories in the Philippines.

“In 2010 my role in the global economy changed and I accepted an opportunity to return back to the United States where I am presently.  I work for cleverbridge, a global E-commerce company that helps software companies design and manage their shopping cart experience on the internet to sell their products worldwide.  I currently have responsibility for global customer support operations for the United States, Europe, and Asia and travel outside of the country about two weeks each month.  Visit our website to learn more about our business, our culture, and opportunities that may help lead you in the decision of your future path.  Make sure to visit the careers portion to get some valuable insight on some of the jobs and skill sets required.

“My education at St. Joe’s was instrumental in preparing me for the brave new world that has challenged me in my career.  I learned to think globally, be flexible to emerging business trends, and being open to explore opportunities that offer rich cultural diversity and international exposure.”

We are very proud of this Charger! Congratulations and good luck, Joe!