Graduate returns to where it all began


Rachel Lang, Staff Writer

Adolescents are imagining future goals and ambitions for themselves. The popular question that they are all wondering, “What am I going to be when I grow up?” This issue stays with them through half of their lives, throughout middle school, high school, and even college. One idea about life is that it consistently changes and remains a mystery; no one ever knows where they will end up and how their choices will guide them to the position to where they are today. In this current 2012-2013 school year three new teachers’ decisions have brought them to St. Joseph High School. One, a previous Charger, never thought he would pursue the occupation of a teacher at his alma mater. Mr. Matthew Sinacore has returned to teach reading and English to freshmen.

Mr. Sinacore, a former member of Mennella’s Fellas, graduated from St. Joseph High School in 2007.  He participated in SADD, NHS, soccer, and was a basketball manger for three out of his four years. Growing up, Sinacore dreamt of being a firefighter or soccer player, but as he got deeper into college he realized his love for education. Mr. Sinacore attended Loyola University Chicago, at first studying History but after a couple of years decided to switch to English. The biggest influence for Mr. Sinacore becoming a teacher was due to his experiences as a student at St. Joe’s. He explained that the St. Joe’s faculty and staff have so much passion for what they do every day for the student body; they looked beyond the regular student-teacher relationship. They taught and talked to him like he was more than just a student and he explained, “I appreciated that they transitioned me into adult life.”  Now, he is paying back by his teaching and helping St. Joe’s baby Chargers start a new beginning, assisting their ascension into adulthood.

One would think working with former teachers is just plain weird. Mr. Sinacore replies to that opinion by saying, “Weird? No it hasn’t been weird, because we kept close ties over the years, the relationship evolved out of being a student and into a teacher, we both have mutual respect and similar goals for our own students,” he paused to laugh adding, “But no first names. I have a hard time calling them by their first names; I keep it simple still calling them Mr. and Mrs.” His overall view on teaching is summed up with the phrase, “What you put in is what you get out,” he explains; it’s all about having respect with each other.

As Mr. Sinacore continues to teach the freshmen he is also the assistant coach for JV soccer. He explains that he has always had a love for soccer and is equally passionate about the sport as he is for teaching reading and English. In the future after soccer is over, Mr. Sinacore would like to start more creative writing clubs involving one of his favorite’s subjects, poetry. He also was recently asked to start a Japanese anime club which he was opened to constructing. Mr. Sinacore expects to continue to stay at St. Joseph; right now he is just beginning his new journey and is just getting his “feet rooted.”  Besides Mr. Sinacore’s school life, he also has various interests outside of school in his personal life. His hobbies and likes are cycling, playing rugby and softball, writing poetry and short stories, playing bass guitar, and having a love for sushi and astronomy.

Hopefully the St. Joe’s community will get to know more about Mr. Sinacore as the years go on but for now, we understand his past as a Charger and his passion for education that he brings and hopes to continue to bring in his future. Life, as said many times, is a mystery. No one will know where each of us will end up or the achievements that are possible. Although Mr. Sinacore never thought he would end up where he is today, the St. Joe’s community welcomes him and is happy with his decisions.