CSI Utah!


His day is as long as his title. As Forensic Scientist Manager for the Identification Section of the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services, Andy Pacejka, Class of 1987 from St. Joseph High School, looks forward to lengthy but meaningful days. “It’s rewarding to know that your efforts will impact the prosecution of a criminal or the exoneration of the innocent,” Andy remarked soon after attending his alumni reunion at St. Joe’s. “Each day is different, but every effort goes toward collecting and analyzing useful data at and from crime scenes.”

Andy’s efforts include supervising the ID section (which encompasses Fingerprints and Footwear/Tire Impressions), processing crime scenes, analyzing latent prints, generating statistics, writing reports, testifying in court and teaching classes to client agencies. He also takes classes to remain up-to-date with the latest in forensic science.

Andy earned his current position after several years working in related tasks. As a member of the Bureau for 10 years, Andy spent part of that time serving as Serologist/DNA Analyst, working on person-on-person crimes (sexual assaults, aggravated assaults and homicides).

Andy’s curriculum vitae, which includes a Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Illinois State University, is itself lengthy and reflective of Andy’s passion for learning. “I always liked math and science, particularly science. Forensic science is one of a number of natural offshoots of the biological sciences.” Andy has had extensive training in his field and his hard work earned him Public Safety Medal of Excellence in 2006. He has also presented research before the Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists (fall meeting in Seattle in 2005).

St. Joseph is very proud of this Charger and we wish him success. Congratulations, Andy!