All in the Family

All in the Family

He saw it worked for his brothers so he thought he’d give it a shot. Paul Tallarovic, St. Joseph Class of 1990, watched as his brothers John (Class of ’84) and Carl (Class of ’87) succeeded in the field of engineering. Like his siblings, Paul graduated from IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) where he majored in Mechanical Engineering. He stayed on to earn a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering before entering the working world. “I always liked science and math and solving problems in general,” Paul remarked from his office in St. Louis. “I began working for a tool & die company before coming out here to work for Boeing.”

Boeing, a leader in multinational aerospace and defense operations, employs Paul as an Industrial Engineer. “I provide shop support for all the necessary resources needed to manufacture some of our most significant products. I deal with tools, proposals, quotes, timelines, designs, and various studies. I work closely with shop management and mechanics to get the job done.”

Working with others is one of the facets Paul finds most rewarding about his job. “What I have to do cannot be done by one person. We face some very involved challenges and being able to work with a diverse and talented team of people to overcome big-time obstacles to produce a cost-effective product is awesome.”

Paul readily admits his preparation at St. Joe’s helped him. “It was such a great nurturing environment. We were encouraged to take up challenges and try new things. I had great science and math teachers. We were also trained to balance our responsibilities – work, athletics, extra-curricular activities.”

Paul has worked for Boeing since 2008. In 2003 he met Johanna and the couple married in 2006. Johanna is a registered nurse and works full-time at a local hospital. Paul and Johanna are frequent flyers to Ireland, Johanna’s birth place. All three Tallarovic brothers are from Berwyn and graduated from Our Lady of the Mount Parish and Grade School in Cicero.