St. Joseph grad making a name for himself in Washington


Staff report

Andrew Waller, St. Joseph Class of 2006, is less than ten years out of high school but daily finds himself in the nation’s capital, serving as a police officer for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Andy is both in and out of uniform, depending on the role for the day. When he is on patrol, protecting employees of the Court or their guests, he is in uniform. When he is protecting any of the Justices traveling around Washington or helping to provide security in the courtroom during oral arguments, he is in suit and tie.

Andy enjoys serving the Supreme Court, which he finds most rewarding. The fact that he is witnessing history as it occurs is partly due to the safety he helps provide.

“It is exciting to see news stories about the Supreme Court and know that I was working there at that moment,” he said.

He is also aware that proximity to the Supreme Court forces him to be alert at all times, especially in terms of being in the public eye.

“Everything that I do while working in the building or on a security detail with a Justice has the possibility to make it into the national media,” he said. “This is especially true when information is passed through social media. It is important to stay professional in stressful situations and to understand that if someone has a phone they also have a video camera.”

Andy’s short journey to Washington began after leaving St. Joseph. He graduated from Triton College with an Associates of Arts degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice Administration. He later graduated from Lewis University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal/Social Justice. After being hired at the Supreme Court of the United States, he attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for three months to become a Certified Federal Police Officer.

“My ability to work and interact with people from all different backgrounds is very important in my work and that was a great part of my education at St. Joe’s,” he said. “Often times I am working with people from different countries and talking to people from all different backgrounds. That was the same with St. Joe’s and the school’s ability to make people from all different backgrounds feel like a family.”

We are very proud of you, Andy! Best wishes and good luck!