More Harry Potter with Pottermore

Rebecca Arriola, Editor-in-Chief

With the Harry Potter series having come to an end many saddened fans wondered how to get their wizard fix. While the series was winding to a close on the big screen, beloved author J.K. Rowling announced her plan for an interactive website known as that would be dedicated to everything Harry Potter. The site was introduced as a way to experience and explore the stories like never before. It is also said to be a place to discover exclusive new writing from the author.

There was a promotional game for the site where fans were supposed to follow a quill or an owl for a chance to win at a draw to join the site early for a beta, or trial testing. In the fall of 2011 one million fans received an email inviting them to join the beta for Pottermore.

Upon joining the site a user will be sorted into a house through a quiz that is meant to be vague to avoid manipulation. The decision, like in the novels and films, is final and cannot be changed. The site also features a section to post fan art, wizard dueling, potion brewing, and much more that has yet to be discovered. The site, unfortunately, is still in its beta and it is unknown when registration will begin. Updated information can be found at