Real Steel may be a “Real Steal” at the Redbox for your next rental

Real Steel may  be a Real Steal at the Redbox for your next rental

Rey Carpio, Staff Writer

Real Steel is a riveting action movie that was not only an action movie but a story about a young boy and his father that separated, finally crossing paths and working together to build a robot and compete in the sport of Robot Boxing. Hugh Jackman, the star of the X-Men movies, is starring in the action movie based on the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots that you played with when you were a kid!

Real Steel takes place in the year 2020, where this new type of boxing has put the boxing we all know now out of business. Former boxer, Charlie Kenton, played by Hugh Jackman, has embraced the new sport and has made it his job building robots to enter into small time fights to make money. Charlie is informed that his ex-girlfriend has died and he must go to court to decide the fate of his pre-teen son Max, played by Dakota Goyo who also had a small role in Thor.

Charlie ends up keeping Max for the summer, although Charlie could care less what happens to his son. Max eventually ends up helping Charlie with his career in Robot Boxing after stumbling upon a robot that is thought of as “made for sparring” with bigger robots but never meant to be a fighter. Charlie explains this to Max, but he is certain that the robot can be a champion.

Real Steel is a great action movie, and is especially a great father-son flick. The main two actors are great and convincing in their roles. Dakota Goyo shines as the arrogant boy who couldn’t care less what trouble he gets in and Hugh Jackman is great playing the father, who is in no way, a father figure. The fighting scenes between the robots are visually riveting and amazingly directed. As far as rating, I would give this movie 2.5 out of 4 stars.

If you missed while it was in the theaters, definitely rent it on blu-ray for a great movie night at home.