The Return of the Drama Club with “Superhero Sanitarium”


Chris Donaldson, Staff Writer

After a few years, the drama club is again putting on a play for the St. Joseph student body. Led by Mr. Hamilton, the drama club will be performing a new play. This play marks a stepping point for the drama program to build up from. Since former moderator Mr. Donovan left the theater was left empty of any type of drama production. Life seems to have come back to the theater and the drama program, and this is a milestone for all drama lovers at St. Joseph High School.

Mr. Hamilton would not refer to the group as the drama club just yet. “We’re more individual students who have come together to put a show on.” Mr. Hamilton commented. The production is made up of people from the soccer team, the debate team, and different students from all different backgrounds.  Mr. Hamilton, who has a bachelor’s degree is fine arts, started this drama club because of what he called, “globs of talent” at St. Joseph.

” Superhero Sanitarium”, the play the drama club is working on is a one act comedy that premiers on October 18 and runs through the the 20th. It is about a journalist who is writing an article about a new mental hospital for people who think they’re superheroes. “Superhero Sanitarium” is a small production that has only six characters and only one act. Mr. Hamilton and the drama club, however, are planning on producing another play in the spring. It will be a full two act play with more characters in it.  “Superhero Sanitarium” is the first play to be produced at St. Joseph in a long time.

The drama club is not worried about their name or title. They are more worried about putting on the best performance they can for the St. Joseph student body. Mr. Hamilton and the drama club is determined to harvest and help students realize the mounds of talent they have. The drama club is trying to make its presence felt at St. Joseph as a legitimate club/program. They are reviving an old tradition at St. Joseph High School.