Westchester Shoppers have new and improved experience at Mariano’s

Juliana Fiore

On November 4, 2014, Westchester gained a fantastic new grocery store located on Wolf Road and 31st Street.  Mariano’s offers a variety of food, including a BBQ shop, a coffee and gelato shop, sushi bar, deli, oyster bar, tastes of the world aisles, wine bar and more. The store has hired 470 employees, with most being teens from the Westchester area, many of them hailing from St. Joe’s.

Bella Reda, 17, and a resident from Westchester, says, “Mariano’s was the best idea for our town. It has everything and anything you need and it’s so convenient that you can sit down and eat your meal right there.”

Laura Paredes, 18, and from Westchester, as well, says “Having a job here at Mariano’s has been such a great experience; it is a great working environment, very friendly and has great food!”

Laura has worked there since opening day and says that she loves going to work. Mariano’s has brought so much potential into Westchester and it is expected to make our town look even better. It is bringing a lot of business into the Westchester Commons plaza and the town and employees welcome Mariano’s to Westchester!