Fostering Viewership

Kiara Jefferson, Staff writer

Not too many children are blessed, we don’t get to pick and choose our lives or our parents. If so, there would be no foster kids. Some kids get lucky when they get adopted by a family that really wants them and will treat them like their own.

The TV show The Fosters is based on a sister and her younger brother, trying to get adopted together. They have been going to different foster home throughout their whole life, they have went to seven different foster homes now. Their mother was killed in an accident caused by their father. So he was charged with DUI and murder, after this incident, they were put in the system.

When the sister, Callie was 16, they got adopted by a lesbian married couple. They already had a family of three. One of the woman already had a son before she got married to her wife, later they adopted a set of twins. Now they have Jude and Callie.

Jude and Callie wasn’t officially adopted but they were as much a part of the family as if they was adopted. While Callie was living with them, she started doing inappropriate things with this boy that would be her brother. They were caught kissing and that is unacceptable so she was sent to a group home. Brandon who is the son of the couple is who she was having sexual interactions with. He came and saw Callie while she was at the group home, got caught and then there was a restraining order put on Brandon, so he wouldn’t come see Callie anymore but that didn’t stop him.

I recommend this show to people because it tells people how foster kids have to live and the different things that they go through and how much it takes to find the right family. This show is diverse and it supports the LGBT community. A lot of the problems that happens in the world today, it is projected in this show. Which is another reason why I like this show, it’s different than the other shows.