From the South Side to the Big Time

Isaiah Davis, Staff writer

Herbert Wright, also known as G Herbo, was born on the South Side but moved to the East Side of Chicago. He was born in Terror Town, an area known for high crime rates. He is from where nobody expects you to become something, but he did.

Wright became a part of his environment on the Eastside. He started rapping at the age of 15 with his longtime friend, Lil’ Bibby. They’ve been known to play basketball together but eventually dropped out due to the fact their lives being in danger.

Wright’s mixtapes are named after his fallen friends. The mixtapes names are: ‘Welcome to Fazoland’, ‘Pistol P Project’, and ‘Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe’. He got fame from these mixtapes and was given praise, from a celebrity. Canadian rapper, Drake, called him and Lil’ Bibby the future.

I feel that ‘Ballin Like I’m Kobe’ was his best mixtape. The mixtape is named after Jacobi “Kobe” Herring”, who was shot and killed, minutes after being with Wright. The reason why I say this is because it had a lot more heart and a lot of pain into every song. With songs like, “Pain”, “Struggle”, and “Peace of Mind”, he talks about his life and upbringing and his life experiences.

My favorite song on the mixtape is “Peace of Mind”. I like this song because he gives us what his daily life is like, what he went through and how where his head is at. My favorite lines in the song is, “Used to live in the slums, dishes all in the skin, none to eat cry and sleep all the time, Now I live in three states and I fly to LA to get high on the beach all time, and I hate coming back cause when I’m in Chi-raq gotta ride with them heats all the time”.

Overall, I give the mixtape a 10/10 because I really felt his pain and the sadness of his heart. He put everything he had into his ‘Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe’ mixtape. If you never heard it, you should listen to it.