Halloween – A treat or just a trick for high school-aged students?

Do high school students still care about Halloween or is it a thing of the past?

Do high school students still care about Halloween or is it a thing of the past?

Sarah Labellarte, Staff writer

As we grow older and mature into young adults our opinions on some things change. However, some high schoolers try to hold on to being a child for a night. Nowadays, many high schoolers decide not to celebrate Halloween, but for some they still get giddy at the thought of free candy. Teens and children alike, Halloween still seems to be everyone’s favorite.

“Why would you not want to trick-or-treat?” said Julia Palinkas, a junior at St. Joseph High School, “I have younger siblings, so dressing up is still as fun as it was when I was younger, I guess it depends on your maturity level.”

The pressure of growing up and becoming an adult is mostly why teens choose not to trick-or-treat, when in reality, you are missing out on one of the best days of the year.

However, some teens are children at heart and will make up any excuse to go. And although the thought of free candy is enough to win over some, it would take a little more to win over others.

“To me, Halloween just got old,” said Jiana Agrela, also a junior at St Joseph. “Even having a younger brother, I felt like I had to set a mature example.”

Like Jiana, many other students feel the same way towards Halloween festivities. They would rather sit inside and hand out candy than go out and have fun. All in all, the idea of Halloween may be boring to some, but that does not stop the excitement of the day itself.