Aggressive rapper drops long-awaited album

Ray Lockhart, Staff writer

Meek Mill finally dropped the album that many fans have been waiting for Dream Chasers 4. Recently Meek Mill has been releasing snippets of the rumored album teasing his fans. The first three days of the release the album has already 6 million streams.

Many didn’t expect the album to be released anytime soon, due to the fact how Meek Mill has been occupied with other things. One of Meek’s big distractions is the constant disagreements he has with other rap artists. This most recent disagreements were with three rappers first Drake, second The Game, and most recent Beanie Sigel.

Meek’s rapping style is more aggressive than most. His style sets an aggressive tone due to the point he is yelling in most songs. The flow of his song are influenced by his pass as a battle rapper, it shows the most in his rhymes and bars.

“On The Regular” sets the albums tone for the album. The beginning bars show what the rest of the album will be about, his life before the fame. The song talks about the struggle like most rappers, but the difference between him and other struggle rappers he has made it out the struggle.

The album is not only noticed for the lyrics it is also noticed for the beats. Meek choose two young producers that are coming up fast. The two producers are 808 Mafia and M.O.B. The beats in each song don’t only set the tone they complement the bars spit on each track.

The most favored soon the album is Tony Story part three. One of the reasons that so many people like that he is telling a story. The story has been going since his first mix tape Dream chasers. Many people enjoy Narrative of Tony story, when Tony kills his best friend Ty and Ty’s cousin Pauly kills Tony.

DC4 was not a solo album for Meek he had featurettes on his album. He had features from Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Quavo. He also did an R&B song with Guordan Banks with Pusha-T featuring.