The “Feed” back

The Feed back

Carmelo Zambole, Staff writer

The book that St. Joseph read for its “One Book, One St. Joe’s” this school year was Feed  by M. T. Anderson.  I give feed a 10/10. I loved this book so much. I love the book because it has romance, it deals with the life of an everyday kid, and takes a look into the future. I like how it combines the everyday kid life with the future. The internet runs everything and the government. It connects to now, everyone today is on the internet and on their phones. There are a few parts I like and dislike.

The book includes parts where the characters travel to the moon. It also has something calls the feed that all of the characters are connected to. It seem far-fetched, but it’s not too far off in the future.

Ok let’s get serious this was the main topic that got me to love and argue for the sake of Violet, who is the love interest of main character Titus. Violet dies at the end of the book. Well she’s not dead, but it ends with her as brain dead. Without the feed she can’t move her arms, legs, mouth, anything. I felt so sad I cried that she died and get this her dyeing help Titus break his feed and he cried. I hated this ending so bad, I hated that violet died but she’s still alive. I know she’ll die soon without a feed but can’t they give her one. It’s possible but the government is control I hate it. Here’s a question do you think this will happen to us. The internet already is taking control and is in our everyday lives.