A true “miracle”

Julee Paradee, Staff writer

After a teenage girl dies in a moped accident, her high school volleyball team tries overcome their grief and win back-to back state titles. The girl in the accident was Caroline Found, but her friends called her “Line.”

Caroline was the captain of the volleyball team. Her teammates looked up to her as a role model. Caroline was a genuinely nice person and knew how to build up her teammates. After she passed away the team was devastated. They lost multiple games in a row and just couldn’t get it together. Their coach had a talk with the girls and told them that they could win state again if they trained hard and played for Caroline. The girls did just that.

They practiced hard and trained hard. They always had their former captain on their minds. Caroline’s death gave the team the incentive to play hard to win for their friend, teammate and captain.

The movie, The Miracle Season, is based on a true story of the Iowa West High School women’s volleyball team who lost their beloved captain and friend in a tragic accident. Their goal, after the death of their teammate, was to win a rate repeat state title.

The coach, Kathy Bresnahan, is played by actress Helen Hunt. The producers waited years for approval to begin the filming since Caroline’s dad and coach Kathy weren’t ready yet. It was definitely worth the wait!

The actors who played in this movie said that the movie may look exaggerated, but in fact it is not at all. The movie is exactly how the real story was. They didn’t change anything for the film; It is exactly the same story.

When the movie was released it received very positive feedback. Caroline’s Dad was very pleased with how the movie turned out and wouldn’t change anything about it. The audience watching the movie was very happy with the outcome.

There are some mixed emotions when people were watching the film. Some people were mad about the choices that the actors and actresses made in the movie, when there were others who cried throughout the entire movie. These mixed emotions were exactly what the cast, Caroline’s Dad, and Kathy wanted from the film.

This movie is a positive outlook on what a team should really be like. A team should work hard no matter what happens and a team should never give up on their dreams. In the end a team should never give up on one another; they should always have each other’s back.

If you are an athlete and you have not yet seen this movie you need to go watch it. It will change your perspective on life, and on how you play the game of volleyball to its fullest potential.