Led Zeppelin re-born in modern-day rock group

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

Greta Van Fleet, hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, has been a large topic of conversation as of recent because of their sound, as many say they remind them of Classic Rock icons Led Zeppelin.

Greta Van Fleet is a rock band comprised of four members, Josh Kiszka (vocals), his twin Jake Kiszka (lead guitar), their little brother Sam Kiszka (bass) and their friend, Danny Wagner (drums). They are a very young band, and are only in their late teens and very early twenties, but the music they produce is equivalent to people who are much older and have been making music much longer.

As of right now, all the band has released is an EP, a double EP, and several singles, but an album is promised to be released by October 19 of this year. For now, they have released a single with a music video to go with it, and a second single. There’s hopes for another single to be released before the album as well.

The two newest singles released are “When the Curtain Falls” and “Watching Over,” which are very different sounding songs, however it is still very clear that both songs are by Greta Van Fleet.

“When the Curtain Falls” is a very high-energy song and it very clearly resembles high-energy rock from the 70’s. It very much resembles the feeling of a song like “Bring it on Home” by Led Zeppelin, it’s very fun and upbeat. The song is very different than most modern rock, and that’s what makes it stand out so much more and why everyone is talking about them.

The music video for this song is very visually stimulating and strange. They add a lot of very interesting spiritual and mystical figures and symbols into the music video. They also incorporate an interesting scene with a solar eclipse and aroura borealis.

“Watching Over” is a very intense song that starts out very nice and mellow that progresses into a tune with a lot of feeling and emotion. It’s very clear that their major influence is blues in this song. They manage to keep the rock n’ roll feel while also sounding bluesy. This song almost has a “Stairway to Heaven” feeling to it, how it starts off very soft and quiet, but progresses into a very hard intense song fast.

While the two songs are very different, even in meaning they both still very much fit the bill of sounding like old classic rock, and Greta Van Fleet. It these two songs are good representation of the new upcoming album, there is a lot of promise for the album.

The songs released and confirmed for this new album have a lot more grit and edge to them than their past EP releases. Currently, they are hinting at another single release soon, which many believe it will be their song previously only heard live, “Lover Leaver Taker Believer.”

They are currently in the middle of a North American summer tour, which they added a European leg to very recently that will happen in the fall. While on tour they have been working on the album. They have recorded in Detroit and Nashville.