Prepare for DOOM

Nick Fuentes, Staff writer

DOOM, a popular video game franchise set around slaying demons from hell on Mars and Earth, is seeing another sequel after the success of the 2016 release.

This new game, called DOOM Eternal, has no confirmed release date, however, there are multiple new features that have been confirmed by developers. DOOM Eternal, from the gameplay footage shown of at Quakecon 2018, appears to be similar to DOOM 2016, with added features ranging from new enemies, weapons, and new areas in hell to explore.

“As the Doom Slayer, you want to feel unleashed, like nothing is holding you back” says Hugo Martin, creative director for the game, in a video posted from a recent convention.

Marty Stratton, the game director, expanded on this.

“He’s had a bit of an update, a modification to his armor and some new tools and abilities that make him even more lethal. Of course, nothing makes the slayer more lethal than his guns, like the ballista, a gun that can spear demons with an explosive bolt, or the slayer’s own super shotgun,” Stratton said in the same video.

One of the things that draw people to play DOOM games are the wide variety of enemies. Each one has unique abilities and is completely different to take on, while still holding to DOOM’s staple push-forward combat.

DOOM Eternal is said to have twice as many demons to slay.

“DOOM Eternal has some incredible enemies. We’ve updated some favorites, reimagined some classics from DOOM 2, and we’ve got some new bad guys for you to destroy too.” says Martin.

“You know the coolest enemies deserve the coolest deaths, so we’re spending more time and energy than ever before, making sure it feels absolutely amazing every time you shoot, punch, kick, slash, or otherwise rip and tear one of the demons” says Stratton.

DOOM Eternal is something all fans of the DOOM franchise are waiting for the release of. With the new features being added to the game shown off in the gameplay footage, DOOM Eternal will either impress, or disappoint fans who play it.