Documentary focuses on the real Tonya Harding

Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

There have been many movies about athletes and the story they tell that comes with it and recently I decided to watch I, Tonya.

I, Tonya is about figure skater Tonya Harding and how when she was 4 years old she was forced by her abusive mother to start skating. It ended up being too obsessive because even when she was grown up her parents had taken her out of school to focus more on what they wanted for her which was ice skating. The time she has been ice skating she’s always been trained by her coach, Ms. Diane Rawlsian, who didn’t believe in her skating at the age of 4.

When watching this movie, there were many interesting things I got to learn about the real Tonya Harding’s life. Margot Robbie did such an amazing job playing the role of a woman whose life was surrounded by abuse, pressure and just the fact that her dream was put on the line because of incidents that had occurred.

One thing I found interesting is the whole movie shows real interviews and doesn’t sugar coat things like in other athletic biography movies. During the times she has skated she has been the first woman to do a special move that had gotten everyone’s eyes open and into the Olympics.

I can truly say that she was a role model for many, she didn’t let the little things get to her and like being called white trash and being poor to afford expensive costumes, also she didn’t press charges on her abusive boyfriend because she didn’t have time to have that interfere with her skating.