Halloween Franchise keeps on scaring

Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

The Halloween Franchise has been a major hit and an ultimate must watch around Halloween time, from amazing music and director John Carpenter and legendry scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis.

Both come together to work on the big screen once again as Curtis plays her Iconic role as Laurie Strode returning to Haddon Field one last time to finish her killer stalker once and for all. Carpenter makes another comeback composing new music for the new film.

Halloween is not a reboot or a remake, it’s a continuing story of the first, so pretty much the sequel, and although they already have a sequel made, many agreed it wasn’t too good to end it the way they originally did, so the new directors of the film decided to give the franchise another chance and decided to make a sequel 40 years later after the first.

Curtis returns once again as her character who has been preparing for her masked stalker, Michael Myers, to escape captivity again so then she could come eye to eye with him and finish him after all. Iconic, am I right, 40 years later and this masked killer keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This movie just released last week, and I decided to give it a try and watch the midnight premiere and let me just say this – the movie still creeps me out and is just one movie you can never forget. Internationally, the movie made over $91.8 million within opening week that broke the charts big time. Compared to other horror movies, this once came out as the most to make that big amount even after waiting 40 years to create this movie once again.