Reliving an old(er) classic

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

Released in 1999, “The Iron Giant” holds a special place in many young adult’s hearts. I do not have any personal recollection of watching it as a child, but I do remember the title of the movie. Now, like many others it holds a special place in my heart.

Recently I found “The Iron Giant” on Netflix and decided to finally watch it, because many close friends and other influences had been talking about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, there really wasn’t a thing that I didn’t like about it.

The storyline is a boy goes out into the woods by his house and finds a giant robot and befriends him. He has to hide him from government officials because they want to destroy the iron giant, even though he is a peacemaker and very friendly. Eventually the government finds him and they try to destroy him, but all will end well.

I found the animation of the movie to be really charming and well done. The colors and scenery were absolutely beautiful, and I absolutely loved the character design. I am really particular about character design and a lot of the time it determines how much I enjoy the movie.

I found the character interactions to be fantastic, because as much as it is considered a children’s movie, as a young adult I can still appreciate the comedy in it. For the most part it is light hearted and quite cute, but they definitely throw in the tear jerker moments.

I also liked the mother character, even though she wasn’t a huge part of the storyline she was a single parent trying to do her best to raise her son Hogarth, even though he is a very quirky and wild child. She seems to be very strong, but they still show her to be human like when she breaks down and gets mad at Hogarth for disobeying her and putting himself in danger.

The movie is closer to the older side at this point, but personally I think it is much better than a lot of the new animated children’s films coming out now, mainly because this is a movie that everyone can enjoy. The comedy, story line and characters really make this movie fantastic.