Some ‘Dirty’ music to add to your playlist

Melanie Mini, Staff writer

Heaven feels like a new Dirty Nil album. Canadian rock band The Dirty Nil released their newest album Master Volume on September 14, 2018. The Dirty Nil hails from Ontario and consists of Luke Bentham on lead guitar and vocals, Ross Miller on bass, and Kyle “Starchild” Fisher on drums.

From a fun energetic song about dreams of dying, to slower ballads about a friend lost to drugs and alcohol, and back to a fun ode to Super 8 Motels, the Nil is not afraid to explore different topics. Master Volume manages to take all these topics and form a happy marriage using their unique style and straight-forward, catchy lyrics. Vocalist Luke Bentham ranges from almost pop-like fun melodies, to loud, yearnful sounds in songs like Auf Wiersehen. The transitions between sounds are so natural you have to pay attention to notice.

In an exclusive interview with lead singer Luke Bentham, he revealed how the name “The Dirty Nil” came to be. As teenagers, Bentham remarked on how he and drummer Kyle starchild Fisher would skip school to watch videos of concerts and music interviews. They were big fans of the film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, where a one-time supergroup consisting of John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell, and Keith Richards performed for the first and last time. They were named The Dirty Mac. Later, Bentham had the idea to combine The Dirty Mac with the Quebec punk group The Nils for a band name. He said when he proposed the idea to Fisher, he said “That is disgusting. Let’s do it.”

Interestingly enough, The Dirty Nil seems to put together not only the names of the two groups, but aspects of their style and personas as well. On stage you can see Bentham blowing pink bubbles of gum and singing pop-punk inspired melodies, to screaming and shredding the guitar in the next song. While they are a true rock-and-roll band and you can hear the influence of classic rock in their songs, it is also disputed on whether or not they qualify as a punk group.

In actuality, it doesn’t matter what people call them or how they come off as. What matters is that the Dirty Nil is a kick-ass rock-and-roll band and no one cares what people call them. No matter if you’re classic rock, punk, or anything else, everyone should give Master Volume a listen.