New band offers 90s Grunge with a 21st-Century twist

Melanie Mini, Staff writer

Looking for grunge with a new twist? Your search ends with Dead Soft. The Vancouver alternative band released their newest EP New Emotion on October 12 and are currently on a Canadian/U.S. tour.

On New Emotion you can look forward to ripping guitar and melodic harmonies emphasizing their lyrics. They sound like if Nirvana wrote Weezer songs as far as subject and structure go.

The lyrics are inviting and show the vulnerable side of singer/guitarist Nat Epp. Complemented by Keeley Rochon’s supporting vocals and bass guitar with Kyle Schick on rhythm guitar and Alex Smith on drums, the four-piece band drops a killer performance on record and live. They also released the singles “Bones” “Down” and “Kill Me” from the EP.

Epp himself says New Emotion “Invokes a sense of sadness and longing.” This relates to the name of the EP’s origin: an Eurythmics lyric from “Here Comes the Rain Again.” In this EP, Dead Soft shows off their ability “sound bright and new,” as Epp says, while still bringing melancholy emotions.

Post-Trash music reviews says “’Bones’ is anthemic, taking colossal melodies and intertwined guitar leads, and pushing it all ever upward, aiming their burning chord progressions and harmonies straight toward the sky.”

Austin Town Hall agrees, describing Dead Soft as “90s era grunge/alt-rock…similar to something you might have heard on the indie stations back in the late 90s.”

If you’re looking to relive the height of grunge or add some new music to your playlist, New Emotion by Dead Soft will more than satisfy.