Latest fashion trends giving a shoutout back to the 90s

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

Over the years fashion has been a very prominent thing in culture, and it really represents the period of time it came from.  We may not notice, but many eras will get inspiration from other time periods and steal certain designs and reinvent them in a modern way.

Fashion now-a-days is all over the place because everyone is doing something different, and no one is exactly the same when it comes to fashion sense. A lot of fashion is highly inspired by clothing items from movies and TV from the 90’s and 00’s.

Many popular items in women’s fashion directed towards younger adults and teens come in softer colors like baby pink, browns, blues, and maroons. Stripes and checkers are also a popular design for clothing. Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans are some of the most popular style of jeans at the moment too.

A lot of men’s fashion is inspired by skate culture, including a lot of brighter colors and graphics. Baggy joggers and ripped blue jeans are quite popular with younger males. Brightly colored graphics are more times than not always on popular shirts.

There is also a rapidly growing community on social media of young (women for the most part) who dress in very retro or vintage clothing. A lot of times they will either shop at real vintage shops that sell vintage clothing in good condition or they will shop on online stores that specifically sell clothing that is inspired by vintage clothing or replicates vintage clothing.

Many of those young women like to make their own vintage clothing by finding old sewing patterns and replicating old clothing themselves. Do it yourself (DIY) clothing has become a very popular thing for young adults to.  They will purchase an item of clothing they like at a thrift store and then alter it as they please to change a boring piece to something unique and one of a kind to wear.

Fashion will continue to constantly change and become even crazier, and there is no real way to predict what will become the next popular fashion piece.