We will rock you (all the way to the box office)


Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

Bohemian Rhapsody is the legendry song from the band Queen. Lead Singer Freddie Mercury was a legend in the Rock music genre and even 26 years after his passing, his story along with the band’s and their music will continue as a biopic movie that shares the name of their aforementioned hit single was recently released.

The movie showed the true side and history of what brought the band together and made them the music legends they are.

Freddie Mercury often struggled with being his true self. I noticed in the movie he was dating his girlfriend for a while but when music came into his life it took a major twist due to one of his buddies coming in and having a secret kissing affair during his tour days. Later in the film,  he decided to come out as bisexual, as many news companies kept asking him over and over about his sexuality because it was major to the world, but Freddie always ignored it and dodged it multiple times.

The movie box office sales were off the chart from the movie premiere week, and fans have mixed emotions about the film many things the movie followed along and gave every good detail about the band including their huge performance at Live Aid in 1985. But the other thing the movie didn’t follow along his life and just winged it to show another low biopic. We all could have our opinion about a film but not about the band in general because we all fell in love with the music.