(Why Don’t We) Just Listen

Jessica Watts, Staff writer

Why Don’t We is an American boy band that took the world by storm in 2016. They consist of 5 members: Jonah Marais from Minnesota, Corbyn Besson from Virginia, Daniel Seavey from Oregon, Jack Avery from Pennsylvania, and Zach Herron from Texas.

Their first EP, Only the Beginning, came out on November 25, 2016 and since then their popularity has skyrocketed. They then released four more EP’s within their first year as a band.

In 2017 they released Something Different in April, Why Don’t We Just in June, Invitation in September, and A Why Don’t We Christmas in November.

Because they are firm believers of brand awareness, they are constantly releasing new music. In 2018, they released their debut album 8 Letters which is full of Top 40 flavors. The title song was played on radio stations everywhere and really put them on the map.

Along with the album, they did an 8 Letters stadium tour. They traveled to 20 US cities and even went to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe.

So far in 2019, they have released a new song every month.

In March, they released I Don’t Belong In This Club featuring Grammy winning artist Macklemore. In April their song Don’t Change was featured in the movie Ugly Dolls. In August, they released a song called What Am I and it has been gaining lots of buzz. It was written by Ed Sheeran (who also wrote their song Trust Fund Baby in 2018) and has gotten tons of media attention and charted in 47 countries.

Right now, the boys have just gotten off their 8 Letters Summer Tour after hitting 31 U.S. cities. However, they will be heading back on the road for a Europe, Asia, and Australia tour in October and November. Their three-year anniversary as a band was on September 27 and they having nothing more but exciting news and amazing music to come!