The ‘OC’ is keeping busy

Monse Cepeda, Staff writer

Alexander O’Conner is better known for his stage name Rex Orange County. As a kid he would listen to popular bands like Queen and Green Day, as well as Stevie Wonder. During his childhood, he also learned how to play multiple musical instruments like the piano and drums then later started taking guitar lessons at 16 and started making music on his own.

Alexander got the nickname “the OC” from a teacher in grade school; it was after his last name O’ Connor. Then he eventually took that and made it into his stage name Rex Orange County.

Rex Orange County has released two albums ‘ bcos u will never b free’ and ‘Apricot Princess” on his own. He later collaborated with Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler the Creator and made the single ‘Boredom’. Rex Orange County has become a popular figure on social media platforms and has a big fan following, especially on YouTube.

Rex Orange County first released his fist album ‘ bcos u will never b free’  on the music streaming website Soundcloud on November 7, 2016, which got him numerous fans and caught the attention of English record producer Ben Ash. Ben Provided ROC with a management team and then later Ben and ROC collaborated and put together several singles like ‘UNO’, Best Friend’ (one of my personal favorites) and ‘Untitled’ from 2016-2017.

Then in 2017, Rex Orange County Released his second album ‘Apricot Princess’ which had a number two spot on the US Top Heatseekers list and made it to top 10 of The Independent Albums Chart. After this, he got further support from other artists, Like Tyler the Creator and Anna of the North on the single ‘Boredom’. His single ‘Loving is Easy’(another one of my personal favorites along with ‘Sunflower’) featured Benny Sings and the song was certified Gold by the Australian Recording Industry. Rex Orange County got to perform the song on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. Now he performs at a lot of festivals and tour.

On September 12, 2019 Rex Orange County released a new song ‘10/10’ then on September 19 announced that ROC is releasing a new album ‘Pony’ on October 25, 2019 and later the same day announced a tour for ‘Pony’ in the U.K, Ireland, and North America.