Understanding ‘how it feels to be lost’ with Sleeping with Sirens

Giana Guerrero, Staff writer

Sleeping with sirens is a “Post-Hardcore, Metalcore” band.


The band consisted of five members: Kellin Quinn being the lead singer, Justin Hills the Bassist, Nick Martin the rhythm guitaristJack Fowler the Guitarist, and ex Drummer Gabe Barham. The band was formed by Lead singer Kellin Quinn in Orlando, Florida in 2009, and the unique name came from  

“The aspects of the underwater world, like sea creatures and the nice sounds sirens make,” according to Quinn.


            They have made over five albums and in2019 made a new album called “How it feels to be lost.” The band has stated that this album can be something that everyone can relate to even when you never put much thought into it. 


HIFTBL from many points of view was more of a heavy pop-rather than their usual hard rock style the album consists of eleven songs before they out the album they released one of the songs called “Leave It All Behind,” which revealed the real-life struggles of the band’s Daily lives. 


It’s a concept that’s been done to death, so I wanted to focus on a real character, and use that to analyze how I see myself and my struggles. The video for leave it all behind covers my recent experiences with depression and anxiety and coming to the end of that period,” said Quinn, talking about the songs music video and meaning. 


I would personally say out of all the songs off of How it feels to be lost,” my favorite would have to be Agree to Disagree because it has an aggressive tone that’s gets your heart pumping along with kellin Quinn immediately yells “COME ON” in the beginning of the song which leads into the drums and guitar.