A gaming oldie, but goodie

Eduardo Manzanarez, Staff writer

In 2016, the biggest smartphone game was Pokemon GO. People went nuts over the game whether they were long time Pokemon fans or new people trying out the game. In 2017, Fortnite was the most popular game and was able to be played on the phone. But in 2019, Mario Kart tour has taken over many young people phone space.


Mario Kart itself is already a well-known franchise owned by Nintendo. The first Mario Kart came out in 1992 under the name “Super Mario Kart.”


Ever since its debut, Mario Kart has been a popular game series that has continued on into the current Nintendo system, the Nintendo Switch.


Mario Kart tour is a compilation of all the Mario Kart tracks, karts, and characters with some new ones added in to make the game feel fresh and new. The game has already been downloaded 10 million times.


The game is simple. It starts off with you choosing simple controls or pro controls. Obviously, you should probably go with the simple controls. Then it puts you into a tutorial.


After the tutorial, you the player are given a character which either great advantage through the game or just be nothing more than the character you are playing as. Of course, with every phone game there is a paywall.


It seems Nintendo is starting to move some of its spin off series to the phone. Mario Kart tour is not the only Nintendo property on the phone.


In 2016, Mario Run was released on IOS and Android. It was pretty much a classic Mario platformer.


With Mario Kart now being featured as a phone game, could other popular Nintendo spin off titles be heading to your phone? Many fans are worried their favorite spin off titles will be turned into nothing more than a cash grab phone game.


For now, we will just have to wait and see if Mario Kart does return to the main Nintendo consoles and hopefully no other Nintendo spin-offs are made into a phone game.