No Joking…you should go see this movie

Angel-Michelle Guajardo, Staff writer

The Joker is the type of movie where you just hate it or love it, there is no in-between. The reason as to why I loved it, is because of how society is portrayed.


Society in Joker is portrayed to be the vile evils thing on earth. It can destroy someone just by putting one person down on earth, which is true in my opinion. Society is evil. It determines where you have worth in this world while it also determines if you are worth nothing. While some people have it good and it turns out that they are worth something delightful or it can shameful to found out that they are not even worth a penny.


What hurts the most is knowing that you aren’t worth anything, but you can’t do anything about it. That is what happens a lot in today’s world, while yes, some people would say that this world’s society is making improvements. It’s just not there yet and most people would not see the bad aspects of life and they’ll just focus on the “good” aspects in life.


This can be relating to Arthur Fleck in his world. Arthur Fleck is a man who seeks connection to the world that he lives in, Gotham City. He wears two masks all day every day; one mask, a clown mask, to work (quite literally), and the other mask is what he uses to try and fit in the society that he lives in. He makes plenty of futile attempts to fit in and they all seem to tumble down at every single try he has made.


Arthur Fleck was isolated from the world, bullied by society, and disregarded by the people near him. With all of this going on with him, he slowly begins to turn to madness and dark humor for comfort. He slowly transforms to be the criminal mastermind, The Joker.


One of the other reasons as to why I loved this movie was that Todd Phillips brought mental illness to the table. Not many movies would ever think to add mental illness to an audience of young adults, much less a very accurate example of schizophrenia – a disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave clearly.


Arthur Fleck was mentally and physically abused by his mother’s ex-boyfriend while she believed that the whole time, nothing was going on. She was dealing with her mental illness, delusional disorder, where she truly believed that nothing was going on when the police came to investigate what was going on when they heard crying and screaming coming from Arthur, the mother claimed that she didn’t even know what was going on.


Fleck has discovered brain damage from the beating that he received which was the result of his involuntary laughter and loss of memory of the abuse that has happened to him in his past life.


I really liked the tone and how well the actors played their roles. The fact that Joaquin Phoenix really got into his Joker character and improvised the many memorable scenes in the movie shows how much he truly cared for this role. Phoenix wanted to give it his all and I believe that he has achieved that dream and really made it a reality with the way he plays himself as the Joker.


Now I don’t want to be the type of person who tells you that you must watch this movie because it’s one of the best movies out there in world – which I do somewhat believe – but I do believe that you should give it a chance to watch.


The Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is an amazing movie, he really tried his best to make sure that this Joker film represented the society in our world and how it treats its people. It portrays how well society can kill us and I guess, all it takes is one person to rebel and it causes a train reaction for everyone else to follow along. Especially since what the Joker did is considered the best thing anyone has ever done because he is really trying to better Gotham City from its horrid ways of how the rich treat the poor. How the stable treats the unstable. How the sane treats the un-sane. How one person is in the wrong while the other person in the right. But you will never know unless someone speaks out, just not in the way The Joker did.