Old school rock in the new school

Giana Guerrero, Staff writer

The 1975 is an English pop rock boy band they formed in 2002 and they originated from Wilmslow, United Kingdom. They have released eleven albums in total with a new one being released in 2020, and they have stated that it’s going to be named Notes on a conditional Form. Their genre of music would have to be a mix of indie pop(rock), and alternative rock. 

The band consist of four members including Matthew Healy (guitarist, and lead singer), George Daniel (drum kit), Ross MacDonald (bass guitar), and Adam Hann (guitar).

They got their name from Matt Healy, he stated that he got the band name in the back of a beat- era book that was given to him at a yard sale.  

“In the back there was these almost mental scribblings, it was almost suicidal, and it was dated at the bottom ‘1st June, The 1975’. The use of the word ‘The’ really stuck with me. It was the perfect band name,” he said.


The 1975 has a very strong fanbase and a big social media following of 1.6 million Facebook fans and 2 million followers on twitter.