Ender’s Game Finally Begins

Rebecca Arriola, Editor-in-Chief

Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card has been a popular science fiction novel for years. The novel revolves around a young and unusually gifted child, named Ender, who has been sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion of an alien race that has been warring with humans for 70 years. The novel revolves around repeated themes and questions: if a child really needs or deserves a childhood, the standard of what is right and wrong, and not underestimating anyone regardless of age, gender, or experience.

There have been many past attempts to translate this novel into a film, but all have failed due to the author pulling the project. Some were nervous about this film falling through as well; however it appears that this project will be completed. Most of the cast has already been decided upon, with Gavin Hood as the director. This is a much anticipated film, set to be released in the US on March 15, 2013.