Divas’ fans face off

Alexus Brown, Staff Writer

Two of today’s most influential stars in the industry, the eccentric Lady Gaga and the rare talent Adele, are pitted against each other when their fans began to clash with one another. No one knows when it started, but there have been some speculation that it started at either the 2011 VMA nominations or when Adele made some criticizing comments about the famous blonde diva.

The British singer, legendary for blowing pipes with her booming voice, didn’t want to be branded as a ‘sell-out’ like Lady Gaga whose videos and concerts are laced with commercialism. A variety of well known labels are paying ludicrous amounts of money to get Gaga to endorse their products to her loyal fans. Having over 45 million followers on both Facebook and Twitter, it’s no doubt that some of them will be affected by her bold and expensive fashion style.

In an interview, Adele claims ‘’she doesn’t want to be tainted’’ by having her music associated with advertisements. To her, showing one of her videos with her drinking a soda and showing the name is considered being a money grabber. Adele has said that she thinks Lady Gaga is a gifted performer, but there are certain things she disagrees with.

Gaga’s fan base started to become vicious when the 2011 VMA nominations came out. They were bothered that the she was only nominated for three awards while Adele was predicted a huge winner in various categories. Although Gaga is anti-bullying, her fans seem to be quite the tormentors, attacking Adele on her Twitter page.

“Gaga will not be wearing the meat dress at the 2011 VMA’s because she is afraid Adele will eat her,” one upset fan tweeted. “NO. I am NOT supporting stupid fat hyped up Adele,” said another fan. “In categories that Gaga isn’t in I will be supporting Britney Spears and Kanye West.”

Although Lady Gaga is against ostracizing people, she has yet to come and defend Adele from her fans who are acting exactly like real ‘’Little Monsters’’. Cheap shots at Adele’s weight, which have nothing to do with her career at all, have been brought into the mix. Adele’s fans rush to her aid in supporting her and started nasty online wars with those who judge her simply by her looks. Neither Lady Gaga nor Adele had anything to say on this matter.