“Superhero Sanitarium” is Super Terrific

Lynn Weishaupt, Staff Writer

The theater program here at St. Joe’s has been revived by Mr. Hamilton. The first play “Superhero Sanitarium” was performed October 18th, 19th, and 20th.  Many students and faculty showed up for the performance. It was a very enjoyable play.

Mr. Hamilton’s experience brought new life to the drama department. He said he enjoyed that there was a wide variety of students from other activities. The play Mr. Hamilton chose wasn’t a very well-know play. He said, “With the fact that the theater department is new, I wanted a fresh start with something people have never seen before.” Mr. Hamilton was kind enough to give some inside information about the spring play. He said he’s leaning for the next play to be a comedy because the majority of students like comedies. It will also be one that’s not very well-known. He’s also hoping for a bigger cast.

There were approximately 20 students involved in the play and those that were enjoyed it very much. Lauren Estelle, current junior and actress said, “It was fun, and I got to meet a lot of new people.” She said she thinks if there were more students involved the plays will be bigger and better. She also said she will definitely be in the next play. Austin Wilcox, current junior and crew member said, “Being able to put on the show with everybody was awesome and I can’t wait until the next show so we can do it all over again.” Students who get nervous in the spotlight are also welcome to join. Wilcox also said, “I think being behind the scenes is a great way for shy people to get involved. It’s really fun but a little more relaxed than being on stage.”

Mrs. McGleam, math teacher said, “I enjoyed the play very much.  It was very neat to see the students that I teach in the classroom showcase their talents outside the classroom.” With that, everyone should be excited for the next play. “This play I believe will be the beginning of great things for Mr. Hamilton and his entire theater program here at St. Joseph; with that I am very much looking forward to the spring production,” said Mrs. McGleam. The rest of St. Joe’s can’t wait either.