Looking for a new restaurant?

Davane Gross, Staff writer

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is home of some of the best pizza in Chicago. The signature Chicago-style deep dish pizza is made using a recipe that has been handed down through the generations. Today, Lou Malnati’s is still recognized as one of the most iconic restaurants in Chicago.

Lou Malnati’s can now be found in Oak Park, along Lake Street by the Theatre. The restaurant has opened with the past year. I visited this new scenery that lies on the popular Lake Street and decided to stop in.

Their famous deep dish continues and the tasty zesty sauce and yummy rich cheese layer fulfills a pleasing sensation to your taste buds. Also their regular style dish of pizza is ever fresh and delightful.

Moreover, inside this new and hip place is the cool design and beautiful scenery. The cozy chairs and dining brings about a warm and inviting place as you eat some of the best pizza in Chicago.  Inside there are two areas to dine. One area is for a group, couple, and chair area. While the other side leads to the comfy couch area, which is very relaxing and elegant. Lou Malnati’s pure goal is to please the customers and the design of area brings about the goal. Both dine in and carry out is available. Their availability hours are Monday-Sunday.

Lou Malnati also has a website online to look up more information. So, if you’re not too busy and even a tad bit hungry stroll down to 1038 Lake St. in Oak Park for some delicious pizza.