Black History Month Overview

Neil Hansen

February is the time of the year when we recognize the hardships that the African Americans have endured throughout the years. American society has treated them unfairly in the past but despite their disadvantages, they were able to work together and overcome such a dark time in African American history. African Americans have stayed strong and overcame many injustices that stood in their way such as slavery and segregation. They played a crucial role in shaping our modern society and shedding some light on it to drive out the darkness and hatred.

There was a time when black children and white children went to different schools, used different bathrooms, and lived in different neighborhoods, but that was the past. As America has matured over the years, much progress has been made. All races are united and everyone has equal opportunities. There is much less discrimination in our society which has allowed us to advance as a country without racism dividing the nation.

Civil Rights movements have also allowed African Americans to obtain governmental positions. We currently have an African American as president of the United States. Fifty years ago, that would have been completely obscene, but that just shows how much our nation has evolved. Through the hard work of many black men and women, the United States has started to show its true colors and become the land of the free. By working together and staying united, we can continue to make this country a better place for everyone.

There are many inspiring African American leaders that have changed the nation for the better. Stay tuned and look for more articles about important African American leaders written by your fellow Chargers!