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Understanding ‘how it feels to be lost’ with Sleeping with Sirens

Giana Guerrero, Staff writer

October 2, 2019

Sleeping with sirens is a “Post-Hardcore, Metalcore” band.   The band consisted of five members: Kellin Quinn being the lead singer, Justin Hills the Bassist, Nick Martin the rhythm guitarist, Jack Fowler the Guitarist,...

The ‘OC’ is keeping busy

Monse Cepeda, Staff writer

October 2, 2019

Alexander O’Conner is better known for his stage name Rex Orange County. As a kid he would listen to popular bands like Queen and Green Day, as well as Stevie Wonder. During his childhood, he also learned how to play multiple...

(Why Don’t We) Just Listen

Jessica Watts, Staff writer

September 26, 2019

Why Don’t We is an American boy band that took the world by storm in 2016. They consist of 5 members: Jonah Marais from Minnesota, Corbyn Besson from Virginia, Daniel Seavey from Oregon, Jack Avery from Pennsylvania, and Zach...

Latest fashion trends giving a shoutout back to the 90s

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

December 4, 2018

Over the years fashion has been a very prominent thing in culture, and it really represents the period of time it came from.  We may not notice, but many eras will get inspiration from other time periods and steal certain designs...

New band offers 90s Grunge with a 21st-Century twist

Melanie Mini, Staff writer

December 2, 2018

Looking for grunge with a new twist? Your search ends with Dead Soft. The Vancouver alternative band released their newest EP New Emotion on October 12 and are currently on a Canadian/U.S. tour. On New Emotion you can look...

St. Joseph theater crew ready to “Psych” you out

Julee Paradee, Staff writer

November 29, 2018

This year at St. Joseph high school they are doing a play called Psych. This play is very different from any play St. Joe’s has ever done before. The main thing that is new this year in the play is that the entire play takes pl...

Some ‘Dirty’ music to add to your playlist

Melanie Mini, Staff writer

November 4, 2018

Heaven feels like a new Dirty Nil album. Canadian rock band The Dirty Nil released their newest album Master Volume on September 14, 2018. The Dirty Nil hails from Ontario and consists of Luke Bentham on lead guitar and vocals,...

Reliving an old(er) classic

Skylar Grammas, Staff writer

October 30, 2018

Released in 1999, “The Iron Giant” holds a special place in many young adult’s hearts. I do not have any personal recollection of watching it as a child, but I do remember the title of the movie. Now, like many others it...

Halloween Franchise keeps on scaring

Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

October 30, 2018

The Halloween Franchise has been a major hit and an ultimate must watch around Halloween time, from amazing music and director John Carpenter and legendry scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. Both come together to work on the big...

NBA 2K celebrates 20th anniversary, continues to impress

Tyarese Freeman, Staff writer

October 2, 2018

NBA 2K has been out for years beginning in 1999, and is a fun video game for the sport of basketball, getting better every year. The graphics have continually gotten better and throughout its history the game has sold 10 million...

Documentary focuses on the real Tonya Harding

Julian Maldonado, Staff writer

October 2, 2018

There have been many movies about athletes and the story they tell that comes with it and recently I decided to watch I, Tonya. I, Tonya is about figure skater Tonya Harding and how when she was 4 years old she was forced by...

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