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Black Friday losing its luster or is it still a maddening day?

Grace Rostello, Staff writer

February 22, 2020

Other than Thanksgiving, there is another "holiday" that is very talked about and that is Black Friday. This day is special because of how the stuff at the stores are half price of what you ordinarily get year around. The first...

Christmas Break – a time to relax or a time to play?

Anthony Capua, Staff writer

February 22, 2020

As we are getting closer to the end of the semester, the anxiety of finals is undermined by the thought of a two-week vacation that is soon to follow. Many of the students are getting ready for break in multiple ways. Some people...

2019 on pace to have more school shootings than days in the year

Alexis Holmes, Correspondent

November 19, 2019

So far in 2019 there have been twenty-two shootings at schools in the United States, where somebody ended up hurt or killed. They have occurred across the country, from Georgia to California, at elementary, middle and high schools,...

Black Friday drama rains on otherwise successful day

Alphonso Adams, Staff writer

December 4, 2018

There was a lot of chaos during this year’s Black Friday. During the Black Friday shopping spree, there were some good sales, like ones on Digital Games, where sales have reached all-time highs. People also love shopping...

How old is too old to trick-or-treat?

Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

November 4, 2018

Do you ever wonder, how old is too old? Halloween is a holiday in October where kids can dress going door to door to get candy from houses. But you really only see little kids trick or treating. Is there an age limit? How old...

Gamer world rocked by tragedy at Madden Tournament

Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

September 28, 2018

Over the years, video games have changed, including graphics that are getting so beautiful and more complex in a gameplay perspective. People are even making a living playing video games by winning tournaments.   It’s...

To dream or not to dream…

Phoebe Unzueta, Staff writer

October 2, 2017

There is one word looming on the mind of almost every American, but more likely everyone in the world, the word Trump. Depending on who you ask, this can either be a good or bad association, but to most it is the latter. Since...

Settling the debate between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Stefania Renteria, Staff writer

December 11, 2016

Christmas and Christmas Eve happen on back-to-back days and both are designed to celebrate the same thing, but it seems like everyone has a preference as to which holiday they enjoy more. People around the world have their...

Appreciating Thanksgiving

Leah Matthews, Staff writer

December 11, 2016

  Thanksgiving traditions are important to families across the world. In my family, this is the time we give thanks to God.  We celebrate by coming together and sharing what we are thankful for. Also we eat, laugh play...

Christmas or Thankgiving? A debate on two of the more popular holidays

Emma Checchi, Staff writer

December 11, 2016

The holiday season is up and running, and everyone is in a festive mood. People gather around the dining table to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family, then later sit around a Christmas tree, opening gifts...

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