Scandal in the Lunchroom!

Marinna Camasta, Staff Writer

They thought not much had changed…

They thought things would be just like last year…




This year, many changes have been made to St. Joseph, but not many were made that affected students’ daily routine. And then, the truth was revealed. What used to happen was there were four lunch periods, divided up by freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Each lunch would take about half a class period, and then you would go to Leadership either before or after you went to lunch, depending on which graduating class you were in.

 Now with our new schedule there are three lunches divided among one elongated period, mixing the students together! And the students are in uproar. As Jason Padilla said “[the new lunch program] Hate it. Wait don’t write hate! I dislike it because it makes you sit with a different group of people and not with the kids you’ve been sitting with for two years.”

 Exactly! Last year everything was in order. Everyone sits with kids in their own class, and tables are divided by groups of friends. Now everything is anarchy! People having to make new friends, sophomores sitting with seniors. Oh my GOD! Juniors having to sit with freshman: the horror!

 Students, this article was just stating facts we already knew. Blending students together is unthinkable. Imagine, getting to know someone else! Moving forward, I’m not worried about the lunch food, or that the weather probably is only going to get colder, but the menacing terror that is stretching my comfort zone, and oh my goodness, meeting someone new!