Senior Has Eyes Set on the Zoo

Carlos Montero, Staff Writer

Victoria Arriola, of the senior class of 2012, has a bright future ahead of her as a zoologist. She is very motivated and is volunteering at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL to prepare for her future.

 At the aquarium, she is assigned to a specific area where she acts as an interpreter for viewers. She tells what animals are being displayed and details about them. Victoria’s favorite location in the museum to work with is in the Wild Reef, where the sharks are. Her love for marine animals is what drives her to keep focusing in this area. When asked what drew her toward working with animals, she answered, “Going to the zoo so many times and watching the dolphin show.” So far she has dedicated six months volunteering there and has hopes to continue.

 Victoria knows the Shedd Aquarium will prepare her to build connections with employees and have a successful track ahead. Through Shedd Aquarium she was able to apply for a program to go to the Bahamas for a Marine Biology course. Michigan University is her focal point as of right now where she will study Zoology and Marine Biology. She can’t wait for what is next and will take every opportunity to make her dream come true.