FBLA makes a name for itself at St. Joseph High School


Rachel Lang, Staff Writer

Ms. Sajder, a current teacher at St. Joes, started the group called Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA. The FBLA was founded in 1940 and is a national group where high school students get perform and compete against other students, they participate and study all different levels of business connected themes. Some students may believe that they are required to compete if they join the club. Being a member of FBLA you can pick what you’re comfortable with doing, running fundraisers or even just brainstorming with new thoughts. FBLA has already jumped into the St. Joes community with new ideas and events, which is why the name might sound familiar.

The first event FBLA was when twelve of the group members went to the National Fall Leadership conference in Milwaukee. This was not a competition; it was just to listen to guest speakers’ talk about FBLA. The speakers talked about Leadership and gave tips on how to improve their skills. At the end of the conference there was a large party with other FBLA students from various states. The students got to interact with others, listen to music, and listen to inspirational speakers. At this conference they met Brenda Dunn-Kinney, or ‘guardian angel’ what Ms. Sajder refers to her as. She fell in love with St. Joes and helped the club become successful by having the help of her executive friends to donate money and encouraged the students to achieve. Throughout the first semester FBLA had various fundraisers, the Halloween dress down day, Halloween scary movie, Santa photo, bake sale, candy selling and Valentine’s Day crush cans. All the money goes to the funding of transportation and hotels they need to stay in when competing.

On Saturday January, 21st 2012 FBLA meant at 7:30 am at St. Joes to head off to Lemont high school for regional conference. Students were competing in various topics; some took written test while others had to make public speeches and performances. The competition started at 10:00 am and went till 3:00 pm. Twenty one kids placed and were able to move on to state. The St. Joes students who placed were

Daisy Laureano – Public Speaking I – 2nd place

Rachel Luzcak – Personal Finance – 3rd place

Daliyah Peppers – Intro to Business Communications — 2nd place

Ron Lewis – Public Speaking II – 3rd place

Nate Amber – Economics – 4th

James O’donnell – Business Law – 2nd place

Roberto Martinez – Help Desk – 1st place

Andre Myrick & Matthew Buckner-Jackson – Desktop Publishing – 1st place

Santino Rico – Marketing – 3rd place

Lucy Arreola – Hospitality Management – 2nd place

Sydney Jackson – Computer Applications – 4th

Rey Carpio – Digital Video Production – 1st place

Maurice Lumpkin – Parli Pro – 4th

Averi Jackson-D’Arby – Parli Pro – 3rd

Jimmy Adams – Parli Pro – 2nd

Bennie Walker – Parli Pro – 1st


Also, of the five regional officers, three of them are St. Joe’s students.

Ron Lewis – Secretary

Rey Carpio – Treasurer

Bennie Walker – Parliamentarian

State will be in Decatur Illinois. Currently the cost for each student to go will be a hundred dollars, but future fundraisers should be able to lower the expenses. If the students make it to nationals this summer it will be held in Houston, Texas.

FBLA is planning on continuing with fun and exciting new fundraisers throughout the rest of the year. New ideas have been discussed and original ideas will be continued like bake sales and a community service trip. In the first two weeks of April there will be officer interviews for next year. Then, in the last two weeks of April FBLA will be recruiting next year’s members. FBLA will also continue to meet every Tuesday morning at 7:30 am.

Future Business Leaders of America was started from scratch at St. Joes this year, starting off strong and continuing to accelerate throughout the year. It’s a cool and exciting club that gets you involved in the school and colleges love to see students participating in it. FBLA’s Kelty Sullivan explains, “FBLA is a great club and it’s honestly so much fun, everyone should think about joining and getting a chance to experience it.”