Our trip to Spain

Carlos Montero

There is nothing better than being able to experience a language on a whole different level. This is what my AP Spanish class has been talking about this year. My class will be visiting Madrid, Spain in June 2012.

The trip is expected to be an eventful one. My class will be staying in a hotel in the center of Madrid. As the days go on, we will walk the city of Madrid at the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, the Plaza de España. While visiting these monuments and historical buildings we will gain a better understanding and feeling about the Spanish culture. Other places we will be visiting include the Calle Mayor, Gran Via, the Cibeles fountain, the Alcala gate, Columbus square, the Royal Palace, the Escorial & Segovia, the Valley of the Fallen, the Church of Santo Tome, St. Mary’s Synagogue, and the Avila and Salamanca. There will also be a flamenco evening full of surprises.

Educational travel is a key component in enhancing a student’s learning about a culture and language. The more a student is exposed to the outside world, the more opportunities it opens for that student. It may trigger a motivation to a student for a study abroad program.

My AP Spanish class has decided to travel with Explorica who has given the best deal. Despite all this, it is still going to be difficult for many students to afford a trip of this magnitude. This message goes out to you, as a local business owner and community member, to ask for your support of their mission.

The collective goal is to raise $20,000. We greatly appreciate any donation you are willing to contribute. Every $10, $25, $50 or $100 adds up! My group will be working hard all year to raise funds for this trip and we thank you for your support.