Graduate Spotlight: Carlos Montero

Graduate Spotlight: Carlos Montero

Jorie Calabrese, Staff Editor

Carlos Montero, a senior of the class of 2012, has received the prestigious Kirky Award. The Kirky Award is sponsored by Mr. Kirkeegard and the HEAR (Health Education and Relief) Foundation, and will pay Carlos’ entire tuition bill after he graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. Currently, Carlos is ranked at number two in the senior class and has a 4.62 GPA.

Carlos will be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago and is planning to major in Biological Sciences because “biology is everywhere” and the career opportunities are numerous. He plans to volunteer at Rush Medical Center during the summer to help others and gain experience in the medical field. He is planning to live on campus and join a fraternity at UIC to be more social and connected with the campus.

Prior to attending high school, Carlos won the Daniel Murphy Scholarship, which is also partnered with the HEAR Foundation. Carlos’ counselor recommended he apply for the Kirky Award. He was required to write two 500 word essays, three shorter essays, and he had to attend two interviews, along with submitting a transcript and application.

After college, Carlos plans to either apply to medical school with a specialization in microbiology or to go into forensics. Carlos likes forensics because he “enjoys solving mysteries and organizing pieces together” and would plan to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and later work with the Illinois State Police.