Dress Code Decisions

Lynn Weishaupt, Staff Writer

          “You will have a dress code for the rest of your lives,” Mrs. Ieremia stated during our discipline meeting on Friday, August 24th, 2012. In college we don’t have a dress code, though. Also, this is a college prep high school, so why are we wearing a uniform when in college we don’t have to? I believe the students at St. Joe’s shouldn’t have a uniform. We should be able to wear whatever we want, while looking professional, which will teach us more since that is what we will do when we begin our careers. I believe this new dress code should be enforced as soon as possible.

            Since St. Joe’s is preparing us for college, they should also prepare us on how to dress ourselves when we’re in college. Most colleges don’t have a dress code, therefore we shouldn’t either. We wouldn’t show up to school wearing pajamas, but we would wear professional clothing to prepare us for the future “dress code” of our careers, just like the teachers here at St. Joe’s.

With a new professional dress code will come variety. We won’t have to see everyone wearing the same thing. We can see some personality within the student body. We will learn more about students by seeing what they wear.

            Part of the dress code should be IDs. Most of the teachers here don’t even wear IDs because it’s not enforced to them. If it’s such a safety issue with the students, then why isn’t it with the teachers? The teachers wear whatever they want without an ID. The students are already in uniform, so there is no need for an ID.  How are the students supposed to know if an adult in the building is an actual teacher just because he is wearing a tie? He could be a random person gallivanting in the halls.

            The students will also gain responsibility by deciding what is appropriate. We also will have to wake up every morning for the rest of our lives and decide what to wear. This may benefit female students because we won’t have to wear heavy polo’s with a tank top underneath anymore.

            All in all, changing the dress code will prepare us for college and the rest of our lives, provide the students with an opportunity to wear different colors, show the personalities of the students, and create more responsibility for the students in deciding their own outfit. The students will then feel more liberated and more comfortable.