Meet your Dean Team

Chris Donaldson, Staff Writer


            A new school year always brings new changes and surprises to students and culture of St. Joes. One of the biggest changes this year is the creation of the Dean Team. The team consists of two teachers, Mrs. Ieremia and Mr. Gallmeier, two football coaches, Coach Jedrey and Coach Griffen, and the one and only principal, Mr. Hoover. This team of deans will try to fill the shoes left by Mr. Beltran. Please meet the members of your Dean Team.

            Mr. Matt Jedrey has been around St. Joseph for the past few years. Mr. Jedrey is an assistant football coach and a gym teacher here at St. Joseph. He cited a need for more of a presence as the reason for the Dean Team. “One person can’t monitor four hallways.” Mr. Jedrey replied. Mr. Jedrey believes he can provide consistency to the team. Mr. Jedrey is ready to take on the responsibility of being part of the Dean Team.

Still pretty new to St. Joseph, Coach Anthony Griffin enters his second year as St. Joseph’s varsity head football coach and a part of the Dean Team. Being a head football coach, Coach Griffin brings some aspects to being a dean that some of the other members may not bring to the table. When asked about this, he responded, “I think I can bring consistency and making people accountable that need to be accountable.” He does believe that students are becoming more accountable to the handbook.  Coach Griffin believes in building an expectation of the rules and building a culture at St. Joseph. Coach Griffin commented, “When people come off the street, they know its St. Joes.”

            Mr. Kevin Gallmeier is entering his 13th year teaching at St. Joseph. Mr. Gallmeier is the longest tenured member of the team. Mr. Gallmeier’s past experience as a dean of students at Leo for six years gives him experience that could prove invaluable to the team. Mr. Gallmeier feels as though his leadership style is different from most other teachers. He describes himself as fair but not one to get in your face and yell. Mr. Gallmeier love for St. Joseph is seen every day with each high five he hands out at his door. Mr. Gallmeier ended saying, “I love St. Joes, I’m willing to do anything for St. Joes.”

            Mrs. Charly Ieremia’s strong personality came ringing through loud and clear the day the team was introduced. Mrs. Ieremia is a pre-calculus and algebra teacher here at St. Joseph. When asked if she sees herself in a lead role, she said, “I defiantly see myself in a lead role.” When the idea of having a dean team came up, Mr. Ieremia volunteered herself to work as dean, and more importantly, a special dean to the young women of the school. She is seen as the go to person for any issues involving any females of the school. Mrs. Ieremia’s strong personality tends to put her in leadership positions and that’s exactly what she welcomes being part of the Dean Team.

            Overseeing the team is its fearless leader, Mr. Ronald Hoover, our principal. Mr. Hoover is entering his second full year as principal of St. Joseph is already carving new paths for himself. He spent eighteen years at St. Scholastica in northern part of Chicago, but this is his first time putting together a team of deans. He believes that a team of deans is the wave of the future and would provide more fairness toward students. When asked if he thinks it is working he replied, “I think it’s working great.” Mr. Hoover selected the team members based on their skill set so he could insure the Dean Team would do the very best job.

            They have been seen walking the hallways and they also teach our classes and coach our football team. The diversity is there. The experience is there, and the passion to serve and protect St. Joseph. The Dean Team is ready to renew the image of St. Joseph and they know how to do just that. They are posed to change St. Joseph for the better.