Peace and Justice 2.0


Peace Cupcakes

Lynn Weishaupt, Staff Writer

            What comes to mind when the students at St. Joe’s hear about the Peace and Justice club? Most students would be thinking it’s just another club to talk about God and feelings. It may not be as popular as some other clubs, but Ms. Kuecker, as the moderator, has some new ideas for the club that might get students to take notice.

            Since Ms. Kuecker is an art major, she is definitely going to incorporate art within the club. When asked how she is going to accomplish this goal, she responded, “By making a mural of the past and present ways that people have shared peace throughout the world and the community.” Many students know Peace and Justice because of the bake sales, but why so many? Well, Ms. Kuecker said the bake sales are to help fund for the canvas that the mural will be painted on. What a delicious idea!

Ms. Kuecker was also kind enough to provide insight on what will happen during this school year. “Past years, I don’t think many students were aware of the club. This year we hope to be more involved and get students to come in next semester and participate in an open forum, said Ms. Kuecker. The Peace and Justice club is also planning to distribute white ribbons, the symbolic color of peace, to promote the International Lasallian Days for Peace. On Friday, October 19th at 9:05am the Peace and Justice club will ask for a moment of silence from the teachers and students. There are also plans for a clothing drive later in the year.

Ms. Kuecker said that it’s a good idea for people to join because it’s a good way to get involved in the school and to talk about your beliefs. She wants students to get the ability to think of peace and their faith in a more positive light. Her long-term goal for the club is to offer guidance for students to be more open to talking about their relationship with God. The club does meet regularly, every Wednesday. It usually lasts half an hour or so depending on the agenda. All you have to do to join is send Ms. Kuecker an email.

            Ms. Kuecker is excited about being the moderator of the Peace and Justice Club, and is enjoying the small group she currently has. There are more plans to come, and Peace and Justice will be known!