2012 Homecoming Pep Rallies

Kaitlyn Huscher, Staff Writer

On the week of October 1st,St. Joseph High School celebrated its 2012 Homecoming with pep rallies on Thursday and Friday.  The entire school was “glowing” as the two gymnasiums were filled with music, games and performances.

On Thursday the student body filed into the North Gym for an energetic and pumped up homecoming pep rally.  The rally started off with an exhilarating performance by the cheerleaders, followed by the introductions of the fall senior sports players.  Afterward came the moment that many hopeful seniors were waiting for: the winners of the homecoming court. The senior class voted the homecoming king Hector Crespo, and the queen Elena Cerino.

Everyone was in shock when the freshmen won the annual Tug-Of-War contest.  Senior Alexus Brown commented, “I’m surprised the freshmen won the Tug-Of-War competition.  The juniors would have won against the seniors but the juniors cheated!”  For the last game of the day, some unfortunate teachers, such as Ms. Kuecker, Mr. Sinacore, and Mr. Jedrey, received pies in their faces, thrown by some very lucky students.  When asked why he chose Mr. Jedrey to throw a pie at, senior Nate Amber said with a laugh, “I felt like he needed some hair; I wanted to do him a favor.”

For Friday’s pep rally, the South Gym was flooded with music and shout-outs to some special Chargers.  The dance team gave an amazing performance before our St. Joseph football team was sent off.  A hula-hoop competition was the last game, and the competitive junior class won the whole thing. 

Student Council worked hard to make this Homecoming special.  St. Joseph Chargers can’t wait for next year to see what new games and ideas the student council will bring to Homecoming Week.