Homecoming Dance: Unexpected Surprise

Alexus Brown, Staff Writer

It was a chilly Saturday evening on October 6, but inside St. Joseph’s gymnasium, a dance party was going on with both girls and guys dressed to impress. However, no one was prepared for the unexpected surprise that caused confusion  among everyone when they had to evacuate the building! Graduate of St. Joe’s, DJ Luis Toranzo, really knew how to get people hyped when he threw out big balloons to the crowd, and shut off the lights temporarily so colorful glow sticks radiated.  Just when things could not have gotten any more perfect, a ringing sound was heard throughout the whole school.  A majority of the students believed that the ringing was a part of the act from the DJ, and danced more wildly, but in actuality it was the fire alarm buzzing off!

A few people in the hallway, bathrooms, and at the decorated tables hesitantly left while the rest of the students were unaware of the situation.  It took a few minutes before the entire place was cleared out and students complained to be let back inside  since the entertainment was momentarily cut short.

“What’s going on?” St. Joe’s senior, Lucero Arreola asked, shivering from the cold following the unplanned departure.  She was standing with other students waiting for information outside of the doors.

After some time, the students were allowed to go back and resumed having fun as if nothing happened.  Luckily, there was no direct danger and not a single person was hurt.

As soon as everyone was back inside, two favorite dances were performed by students and chaperones. The old school Cha Cha Slide and the new school Gangnam Style aroused cheers from the students who scrambled to the dance floor.  Despite the strange turn of events, one thing was made clear, St. Joe’s knows how to keep celebration going.