Speech and Debate goes to Iowa

Lynn Weishaupt, Staff Writer

St. Joe’s has a speech and debate class and a club which was founded by Mr. White. The only real difference between the club and the class is the grade. The club doesn’t get graded, but they get to enjoy competitions. Since Mr. White left, Mr. Hamilton took over the duties of speech and debate moderator and also teaches the class. The team members that were in Mr. White’s team are currently in Mr. Hamilton’s team. Last weekend the speech and debate team went to Des Moines, Iowa for a competition. Only the club went. Austin Wilcox, junior, and Jessica Carey, senior got rates of 5th, 3rd, and 2nd.

The rankings are determined by judges. Mr. Hamilton was a judge. There are rankings for each round and overall rankings. Each round is in a different classroom with about 8 people including the judges. There were about three different sites for the one tournament. Collectively there were 56 teams from 32 states.

The speech and debate team raised money with the out of uniform day December 3rd.  The students had to pick a script from anything that’s published, memorize it, practice it, and perform it.

Austin placed 2nd in one of the rounds. He is definitely going to be in the club next year. Being in speech and debate could help with college admissions. There were three colleges recruiting at the Iowa trip. There were other students that were scheduled to compete, but couldn’t make it because of academic reasons.

Austin Wilcox says, “The most memorable event was mainly the car ride and The World’s Biggest Truck Stop.”  During the car ride to Iowa, everyone got to know each other better. Austin read an “HI” which is a Humorous Interpretation by Ethan Lowenstein. Everyone wants to win but it’s not that competitive. No one gets mad at someone for winning. Austin says he wishes to pursue a future in speech and debate because he enjoys it a lot currently. The speech and debate team is going to another tournament in Illinois this January.